The poster of your greatest physicist!

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Shinichiro Tomonaga Japanese Physicist Hideki Yukawa Japanese Physicist Chen Nin Yang Chinese Physicist Murray Gell-Mann American Physicist Max Born German Physicist Eugene Paul Wigner American Physicist Born in Hungary

Julian Schwinger American Physicist Portrait of English Physicist and Chemist Michael Faraday Nuclear Physicist Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer Pensive Portrait of Physicist Edward Teller Princeton University Physicist. J. Robert Oppenheimer Lev Davidovich Landau Russian Physicist

Niels Henrik David Bohr Danish Physicist Wolfgang Pauli Austrian-American Physicist Erwin Schrodinger Austrian Physicist Enrico Fermi, Italian Physicist Portrait of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) Astronomer and Physicist Albert Einstein

Sir Isaac Newton Mathematician Physicist Occultist Physicist Dr. Albert Einstein Practicing His Beloved Violin Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac British Physicist Richard Feynman American Physicist and Nobel Prize Winner

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